The Podcast

Life Out Here started as Muse Mondays back in March 2015. It is a collection of writings that spans almost six years and four home-states, and currently highlights real-life highs and lows on America’s Last Frontier. The discovery of holiness amid the grit of life is its common thread, the desire to encourage is its heartbeat. 

​Now comes the “Life Out Here” podcast, the convenient audible version for loyal fans and newcomers alike.

Please enjoy the following musings on faith and life out here in Alaska, and may faith illuminate your own life out there.

11. Season of Night Life Out Here

What is spring like where you live?
  1. 11. Season of Night
  2. 10. The Art of Being Still
  3. 9. North to Alaska: Chapter 12 and Chapter 13
  4. 8. North to Alaska: Chapter 10 and Chapter 11
  5. 7. North to Alaska: Chapter 8 and Chapter 9
  6. 6. North to Alaska: Out On Skyland Road, An Intermission
  7. 5. North to Alaska: Chapter 6 and Chapter 7
  8. 4. North to Alaska: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
  9. 3. North to Alaska: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3
  10. 2. North to Alaska: Prologue and Chapter 1