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When Sorrow Shadows Our Days

In light of recent tragedies, people are grieving on a global scale. Collectively, we are more aware today of our loved ones and of our fragility than we were yesterday or even last week. With much to hold dear and much to say in times like these, we can turn to One who knows just what to do when death stops the world in its tracks tracks.

On Grief and Genuine Prayer

Death sharpens the senses. Stars don’t sparkle; they burn. The crescent moon doesn’t arc over unnoticed; it glows, suspended in time over the sparkling dark ocean or the sleeping neighborhood.┬áLike the moon you notice for the first time in a long time, you wish time would rewind and then suspend midair. Seventeen days ago, an emergency rattled me, and I began to pray unceasingly. I prayed while eating breakfast, while pushing the stroller, while driving to the store, and while washing dishes. I prayed in the quiet moments. I prayed in the busy moments. I prayed like my prayers were medicine. For those who also prayed, thank you. Though she slipped away from us, God is good. Though she slipped away, God taught me to pray, and for that I am grateful. I’ve never prayed unceasingly, and at just the right time, God gave me these four words: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. These four words – printed on a Bible study worksheet – revived my relationship with God. I am no stranger to “urgent …